Greeting from the President
Japanese version

I experienced a live orchestra performance for the first time when I was a 7th grader. The band director at my middle school got front row student tickets for all of the band members. It was a Czech Philharmonic Orchestra concert lead by Vaclav Neumann at the Kumamoto Civic Center.

The performance of Dvořák Symphony No. 9 “From the New World” was truly a moving experience; the music captivated my heart from the first note and I was drawn into the performance. The strange emotion I felt form the performance was so strong that it was almost too overwhelming for a 13 year-old youth. The next thing I know, I was surrounded with a spiral of impressions and feelings that brought me to tears. It was such a striking and surprising experience and I even forgot to wipe my tears. That was the moment I knew a new path in my life suddenly opened up.

The whole experience from this concert influenced my life deeply. The concert opened my eyes. Music became a big part of my life since then. Throughout my life, the music gave me energy, sometimes even comforted me, and countless times, the power of music saved me from the hardships in my life.

I believe that there is this moving experience that you can only get from classical music. That special feeling is something that all human being desires deep in their soul subconsciously. As you listen to and/or performing classical music, you will discover the feeling all of the sudden. This mysterious feeling make you grow as a person, fulfill ones life and make one’s life so much richer. My wish is, for many people to find it, and I want everyone to be able to live a fulfilling life with music. This quest to spreading the power of music, is the origin of Lishmoa School of Music.

Throughout my career as a piano technician, I have met many people who quit music before finding out the true joy that music can offer. As I witness and observe many people like this, and naturally, I tried to see the reason why those people reach to the unfortunate decision. Soon I came to a realization that the quality and the capability of his or her music teacher deeply reflects ones relation with music.

What is important as a music instructor is not just the name of the school(s) you see on their resume. Besides the technical and musical guidance, the instructor must be able to show the true joy of music to a student, be able to find motivations from a student, be able to assess each situation correctly and be able to guide a student step by step. It is absolutely necessary that the teacher is capable of providing a mentorship with flexibility and understanding. I came to a conclusion that if one can be lucky enough to find an instructor like that, they usually won’t leave from the path in music. Even for those people who had no choice but to quit music, for some unavoidable reason, if they have shown to the true joy and depth of music, those will always come back to music later in their life. The big factor is, if one have tasted the true joy in music or not.

At Lishmoa Institute of Music, we carefully hand pick only the quality instructors who are capable of offering all those important factors I listed above. We only hire instructors who are capable of touching listeners heart through their performance. By analyzing the score carefully, and by learning how to translate ones message, expression or feeling through music, we will show you the true joy that music can offer. Our lesson is not about ‘let’s play this part softly’, but ‘why we should play this part softer’.

Also, by offering flexible approaches to meet each individual, we will build the ears to listen to the music, and grow the sensibility towards music and sensitivity towards the sound. We will guide each student to a closest path to be able to perform those “master works”. As you can play more pieces, performing music become more fun, and the steady improvement on their performing skills brings more motivations. Eventually, it will lead to find life long love to the music.

Each lesson room is equipped with a high quality audio system and European-made piano(s). We tune these pianos with the traditional European technique. With this tuning technique, each student will experience the sound one cannot experience from Japanese-made piano and/or Japanese way of tuning technique. You will experience the piano that resonate like a choir in a cathedral; the sound carries through, resonate richly, and you can produce wider colors in tones from an instrument. As we learn western classical music, to be able to experience the true “European tone” is essential.

The quest of building an ideal music school began over 20 years ago on April 2018. There are some students who are continuing taking lessons from our institution since the beginning of the school. As our reputation grows, we started to have students traveling to study form other prefectures! On our annual students’ recital, you will hear performances filled with individuality. It is a heartfelt experience to see students motivate each other and share their own ideas and experiences in a very positive atmosphere at an annual retreat.

As our quest of spreading the true joy of music continues, we strive to guide each and everyone to a richer life with music.

When you are starting something, it’s not about “too-early” or “too-late”. Even if you haven’t played music in years, there won’t be any problem with us. I encourage you to take a first step and come visit our school. Along with our instructors who loves music from the bottom of their heart, we are waiting for you!

president Petero Yokoyama


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